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when Kate tells Jack Audrey is useless. Jack puts down his rifle and pulls out a handgun, as well as glimpse on his face causes it to be extremely obvious what he was about two seconds from carrying out.

Bavarian Fire Drill: From your site with the trope - "This can be regular operating course of action for both of those The great and undesirable guys on 24

In season three, Chase's hand remaining chopped off to get rid of the virus attached to his wrist. The pain was so extreme, Chase passed out just after he lost his limb. The truth that this occasion was foreshadowed to horrifying outcome created the act a lot more agonizing to observe.

Simone Al-Harazi in Working day 9 right after her mother executes a drone strike on a medical center within an make an effort to get rid of her.

Kick the Canine: In season eight, Sergei Bazhaev shoots and kills his possess son, who is suffering from radiation poisoning, to ensure his other son, Josef, will halt seeking to handle him, Regardless of the latter acquiring by now realized how to do so from a health care provider, thanks to his paranoia that doing so will expose them.

Season 8 has an assassin named Davros. Needless to say, he isn't practically as productive as his namesake — but then, he fucked with Jack Bauer.

"At this moment, terrorists are plotting to assassinate a presidential candidate. My spouse and daughter are specific. And people I do the job with may be involved in the two. I am federal agent Jack Bauer — and currently will be the longest day of my existence."

. The here Medical professionals probable still had time to try to revive him, notably if Jack and Curtis experienced continued with CPR Meanwhile.

[278] In the summer of 1996, a journalist wrote, "there are full message boards online dedicated to the 'M/S' [Mulder and Scully] romantic relationship".[277] In addition to "MOTW", Web lovers invented acronyms such as "UST" that means "unresolved sexual tension" and "COTR" standing for "conversation to the rock"—referencing a favorite scene in the third-season episode "Quagmire"—to assist inside their discussions with the agents' romantic relationship, which was alone identified given that the "MSR".[280]

In Working day five, Audrey Raines herself is tortured, obtaining been framed because of the villains for selling setting up schematics here to terrorists.

Omniscient Databases: CTU's new and enhanced for Season 8, which normally takes Chloe some work to meet up with. At a single level, determined by a question with the title of the suspect and exactly where in the UN building she might

Contamination Condition: Immediately after Jack contracts a pathogen from the bio-weapon, the whole second half on the seventh season is a string of contamination episodes.

A youthful CTU here agent named Owen operates out into the center of the firefight to rescue a wounded CTU agent. As he dragged The person back to protection, each

Character Progress: The present Virtually goes away from its way To accomplish this to Everybody it might get its palms on, with the final result that every one

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